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“Kristen is a truly electrifying performer. When she has a guitar in her hands, she explodes with music, smiles, inspiration, and the pure joy of the white-hot guitar solo, and everyone in the room is reminded why they love the electric guitar is. It’s always a thrill to watch her play.”
 Jude Gold | Director - Guitar Program (GIT)


"Kristen is just the greatest, pure rock"
Paul Antonell, Owner | Clubhouse Studio


"Kristen is that rare combination of technical ability, musicality, power, passion and sheer joy, love and enthusiasm for music. She gets it, mind, body, heart and soul, she has all the tools to go far, the sky's limit."
Pete Hopkinson (Petey Hop)


"Kristen's a true she was born with guitar and pick in hand ... awesome!"
Mike Sciotto


"I first met Kristen when she was 12 and her talent was undeniable. And as her guitar instructor, it was a very enjoyable challenge for me to keep coming up with new and interesting stuff for her to work on - She absorbs everything so quickly and I often find myself asking her to show me the licks that I'VE FORGOTTEN!"      
Nicky Moroch


"Kristen is an incredible talent. Her playing embodies that all too rare combination of speed, precision, power and soulfulness."
Greg Conway | Producer "The Axe Factor"

"A truly amazing player with many different styles.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for Kristen."
Steve Swersky | Producer "The Axe Factor"

“Kristen is awesome! A true artist...unique...innovative.”
Jerry Gaskill

“She is a breath of fresh air, innovative, original and beautiful! The whole package, the real deal!”
Doug Pinnick

“Not only can kristen play guitar , she makes it talk !
stay tuned !! this is only the beginning!!”

Earl Slick

“Kristen Capolino is the purest of talent, she has
no boundaries and knows no limits.”
John Rowlands

“Kristen has an instantly magnetic bubbly energy that has the power to take the audience wherever she feels like taking them.”

Jennifer Batten 

"Earlier this year I had the opportunity to play bass on some recordings for and artist named Kristen Capolino.  Up until my good friend Earl Slick brought me into this project, I had never heard of this amazingly talented young lady before.  I could not have been more pleased to have been introduced to the sweet Kristen and her rockin' music.  It is rare and incredibly refreshing to see a young musician, male or female, that has not only a natural gift, excellent skills, command of her instrument, but most importantly, the dedication and discipline it takes to create something positive for the world.  Kristen is what she loves and loves what she does... Music.  I have huge respect for this little powerhouse of a player!" 

Gail Ann Dorsey

"With such energy and determination Kristen from the very first time I heard her live on stage displayed an excitement that is sure to capture much attention!!"

Al Di Meola

"Many years ago a writer for rolling stone named Jon Landau wrote "I've seen the future of rock and roll and his name is Bruce Springsteen"....if Landau decides to make another such prediction...I would urge him to see Kristen Capolino's live show....because she is the future of women rockers in America!"
Bob Donnelly

"Kristen is a new breed of guitarist who play with such skill with a beautiful melodic sensibility and plays for the song unselfishly" 

Sterling Campbell

“Kristen Capolino is one of the featured artists in our upcoming documentary "Turn It UP!".  Her extraordinary playing and screen presence makes a huge impression on viewers.   She is a standout performer that everyone talks about when the lights come up."
Robert Radler, Director/Producer "Turn It UP!"


“Kristen is the most talented young female guitar player that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with as a manager, I am sure she will have a sensational future.” 
Kosta   Kantzoglou | Globe Artist Management  


"Ive heard and played with many great guitar players in my time, and I'm not easily impressed anymore, but after hearing Kristen play guitar, I have hope again. She is a breath of fresh air, innovative, original and beautiful! The whole package, the real deal! She is ushering in a new era of guitarists, and, It was an honor to record with her"  

dUg pinnick

James Burton


"That was the first time I saw her, wow she’s fabulous! Power house of talent"

Lisa Moran

"Bad ass girl, she's gonna rule rock for years to come"

"She got more leg then a box of chicken"

Gerry Johnson

"Kristen....HUUUUUUUUUGE CONGRATS!!!! Love seeing your footprint in the music industry continue to grow on soooooooooo many levels!!!!! TOTALLY AWESOME AND KEEP-ON ROCKIN' THE WORLD IN THE WAY THAT ONLY YOU AND YOUR INCREDIBLE TALENT BRINGS TO THE STAGE"

Ted Brooks

"Looks like Gidget; shreds like Godzilla"

Daniel Rosen

"Kristen , you are an amazing entertainer with long successful career ahead of u . I’m glad I got to see twice in the last year"
Kevin Vita

"You were great! Loved Green Grass and High Tides"
Larry St.Pierre


"You shredded yesterday! Straight Up was sick"

David Laffin

"Had so much damn fun! You could raise the dead with your amazing rock and roll energy and chops! Truly inspiring. Thank you"

Daryl Thrasher

"Definitely a force to be reckoned with. I came for BOC, but thoroughly enjoyed and was impressed with your set as well. Will keep my eye and ear out for more material of yours"
Jim Reynolds

"You were great kid.My wife finally got a chance to see you perform and loved it.(I've been braggin' about you since I saw you with Michael @ The Chance a few years ago"
Redearth Adam

"Good afternoon, 
I hope I'm not overstepping any sort of boundary by utilizing this email address as a means to express how ebullient your performance had made not just myself, but my sister, as well. I'm ashamed to say that, prior to last night's show, I hadn't heard of the Kristen Capolino Group. 

We were there for the last 10 minutes of your rehearsal and were intrigued, just by that. Once your set began, we managed to make our way in front. The reactions from where we were standing, beyond the loud cheering, the clapping and the singing along... was of a crowd of people from all walks of life, collectively impressed. I wish you could have heard the compliments my sister and I heard people yelling into each others' ears. I think everyone was there for Blue Oyster Cult, however you've proven to be just as good of a band, with a lot, a lot of potential. 

We so desperately wanted to follow the crowd of people over to the tent wherein you all were going to meet people; but we were so worried we wouldn't get a better spot for when BOC came on. 

Anyway, as fun of a time I had, and as blown away by the performance I was, on a more personal note, I am glad my sister had joined me, because something there's not a whole helluva lot of these days, is bands fronted by strong, loud, guitar playing women. She has a guitar and is taking some lessons, and this is something she definitely needed to see in order to maintain a specific level of motivation and ambition. The show had sort of a Pat Benatar effect, had Pat played a V guitar. 

I've gone to quite a lot of concerts and NEVER... NEVER have I seen the opening band get the audience hyped nearly as much as you all had done so easily yesterday afternoon. Remarkable performance, all of you. My sister and I will certainly be on the lookout for more on this band"

Best of luck, 

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